Marine Construction Services

Since its establishment, MİMAŞ has accomplished more than 45 marine projects such as jetty and wharf constructions for Oil & Gas industry, Steel Factories and Bulk Cargo Terminals. Additionally, MİMAŞ Marine Team is expert on jetty inspection and special applications for maintenance and preservation of marine structures.

MİMAŞ owns and operates an extensive fleet of marine construction equipment such as pile driving barges, floating cranes, tug boats, pile preperation, painting workshops, misc. auxilary floating barges and diving teams as required.

Marine fleet mainly consists of;

• Pile Driving Barges: 3 no's, with lead upto 60 mts, draft 2,5 mt, complete with diesel and vibro hammers, stand-by gensets, mooring windlass', living cabins, cranes.

• Derrick Type Floating Crane: 3 no's, upto 60 tons capacity, dimensions 45 mt x 20 mt, complete with stand-by gensets, mooring windlass'.

• Twin Type Service / Crane Barges: 2 no's, dimensions 19 mt x 9 mt, crane mountable 60 tons.

• Tug Boats: 3 no's, engine: 2x720 HP.

• Service and Diving Boats: Miscellaneous.

• Accessories: pile extractor, hammer grabs, pile test equipment / recorder, floating work pontoons, special formworks for marine purposes and similar auxiliary tools.

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Jetty Inspection, Technical Assessments and Maintenance

Due to its vast experience in marine construction, MİMAŞ is also rendering technical assessment service of old or damaged jetties and marine structures. This assesment assists owners and operators of marine terminals different ways of maintenance and overhauling. Such options are evaluated together with owner and maintenance works are performed accordingly. Main assessments are but not limited to;

• Thickness measurement of piles
• Underwater weld inspection of piles
• Splash zone inspection
• Cathodic Protection (CP) inspection & evaluation
• Superstructure condition assesment
• Complete maintenance of the Jetty for a longer service life

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