At a Glance

MİMAŞ is a general contracting company mainly specialized in 3 main fields of contracting activities and 1 service activity which are throughly detailed in "Services" part of this website and their respective pages.

If the services rendered by MİMAŞ is in your scope and you are looking for a reliable partner for your contracting needs, we are ready to serve your esteemed organization in North Africa, Middle East and CIS countries.

The company is a closely held corporation with a firm organizational structure, well aware of its abilities and a reliable partner for each or for the combination of the services rendered.

This website aims to describe the activities of MİMAS througly however if there is any further information you might require, please do not hesitate to contact us.


MİMAŞ was founded in 1957 by 9 engineers and 1 economist, well experienced in their fields. This highly motivated team contributed to the development and public works of young Republic of Turkey.

Since then, the company become one of the prominent, sustained and reliable contracting company on its core competencies. The zeal & motivation from the founders are still alive with the taste of globalization where we render our services.

Management & Planning

The company is managed by board of directors who are appointed yearly. Each project, depending on its size and complexity, is managed by site manager(s) or project manager.

Quality, planning, finance and administrative activities are managed centrally through efficient and effective coordination with some predetermined delegations to the remote units.

Fabrication workshop has its own independent management, closely monitored on its main managerial activities. It also asissts to MİMAŞ jobsites when required.

MİMAŞ implements a centralized planning management system led by the planning dept.

For all projects, progress reports are issued and distributed to customers for review and incorporation of their feedbacks. The interval of the reports depends on the project progress and nature.

The planning philosophy of MİMAŞ is to make its customers feel like they are present at the jobsite or workshop. The reports openly discuss all issues for the smooth management and success of the project.

Softwares used: Primavera & MS Project.